KATE COOL introduced in 2010, KATE COOL’s main mission is to develop superior oil cooling systems for all type of vehicles.


KATE COOL understands that perfectly controlling lubricant temperature optimizes mechanical operating efficiency.

Our cooling system products maintain the oil temperature that protect and help vehicle prolong the lifespan of gearbox and engine. This is exactly what car owners want while selecting automotive products.


In 2010, KATE COOL developed its first new product — the Volkswagen DSG 6-speed-double-clutch gearbox (DQ250) oil cooling system. Because the major VAG series auto tuning companies focus on power output, ignoring that overheated gearbox oil results in abnormal gearbox operation. To solve this problem, KATE COOL developed an oil cooling system specifically for DSG gearboxes to the benefit of many Volkswagen owners.


After developing the DSG gearbox oil cooling system, KATE COOL has developed oil cooling systems for European, American, and Japanese models, such as the VAG series EA-113 and EA-888 engine oil cooling systems, BMW N54, N55, N20 series engine oil systems, TOYOTA GT-86 FA-20 engine oil systems, and even a NISSAN R35 GT-R DCT gearbox oil cooling system, showcasing KATE COOL’s professional development ability for oil cooling systems.


KATE COOL endeavored on a brand new project in the first quarter of 2015—exhaust gas recirculation systems—an important product in helping protect engine machine parts.

KATE COOL has developed and began selling the exhaust gas recirculation system for the Golf MK6 GTI (EA-888) and will develop systems for Golf MK7 GTI (EA-888), Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, and other turbo engine cars.


KEEP your car COOL    &    MOTOR ON our mission!