IN GENERALLY, the OE cooler were designed as oil-water mixture. So the oil temperature increasing along with the water temperature, the gears being forced to lock up due to computer interference and even failures in the valve body of the transmission due to excessively high oil temperature.


To solve the abnormal issue that VAG series car owner almost have, KATE COOL has developed the exclusive transmission cooler kit for the different vehicle models of VAG series cars.


Replace the OE water-cooled DSG to KATE COOL developed exclusive adaptor. By separating water and oil, the oil through KATE COOL adaptor and to the oil pipe for continuous cycling, the oil temperature can be reduced.

Moreover, the wind across the the cooler kit can have the cooling efficiency but also keep the oil temperature more stable.



British type of oil circuit that can undergone long and strict testing. With medium size and no lack of oil pressure after the oil cooler is assembled.


The oil pipes are made from heat-resistant metal braided rubber composite materials that speed up the velocity of the oil and keep the oil pressure stable. The exterior is covered with a nylon braided net to enhance the durability and safety of oil pipes.


KATE COOL has its persistance for high quality and ease for customer's installation, includes an original equipment manufacturer oil cooler mounting bracket with corresponding snap points exclusively designed for damage-resistant drill holes.


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